Azizanismail: athmara


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Empty heart.Rollin roller coaster ride, this is how I wreck myself inside.I'm tired of being myself, I'm tired of being someone else, and I'm tired of being here.Shake the bottle, twist the cap, smash it hard, to the ground, kiss the mud, cut your ears.See how it turns in a different way.None alike you thought it should be! None alike you thought it should be!

And we swim to the shore, days come and go.I'll love you, you will love me, thats all that we need.FUCK off everythings.We believe in jealousy.I can live but I wish I could die, not yet... First, I said i've got nothing to live for, she said, "no." but then, i asked her what that i've got to live for, she said, "no, you're wrong.".

I'm running backward hoping for somebody to catch me before I fall down, before I drown. Sayang I'm coming home tonight, we will let go everything just to see how it turns better tomorrow.See I wonder how it could be anything stupid or harder than this.