Azizanismail: Colours


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm getting closer to you,
To tell you that I missed you, so much,
The stars are here and the waves were coercive,
These knuckles break before they bleed that I'm sure,
I tried not to drown in the water,
Forgive me for what I've done in the past,

This is the day,
This is our time to we make it right, from right back where we left it,
This is afterlife, we longing for,
The colours of our chemistry

Curses were not from my heart,
It shattered my eyes; I spoke of which I didn't realize,
I overreacted,
Shed no tears anymore

Knives' marks will never be replaced,
No, not in this lifetime,
Breaking promises into pieces,
But I'm here to sweat myself pulling things back together,

Heavens are thin, the speed of the heartbeats
I would have kill myself if you let me to do it
There's nowhere else to go,
Other than you

thanks ock